Meet Kubby. Our Latest Addition! 

She's called by that name as her name implies a snug fit for all your laundry needs - and more!

More Than Just A Storage For Laundry

Kubby stores more than just your washing machine.

Hide ugly looking rubbis bins strewn on the lawn or even along your roadside with Kubby. It'll turn a sore sight into a delightful one.

Storage Area for Tea Rooms/Corners

We don't intend to sell Kubby for the sole reason of storing washing machines only.

Get creative! If you have guests over at your place, Kubby could also be transformed into a little team room storage area!

Fully Customisable

Thinking you'd want a smaller or larger sized Kubby? In fact we do have it in different sizes and dimensions!

If you don't like how your Kubby looks, you can certainly re-arrange the interior parts to be fashioned in the way that you'd like as well!

Storage Solutions That Last A Lifetime.

Us here at Build Space would like to say a warm hello~ to you dear potential customer.

We've been in the business of garden storage for almost 5 years, and we're ever improving to bring innovative ideas to households in Singapore. 

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