What is the material of your sheds?

The walls and roof are 0.53mm thick, COLORBOND® steel panels from Australia; the frames are 1mm anodized aluminium. View Color Palette

Will your sheds rust with time?

COLORBOND® steel panels has been time tested to withstand heat and moisture in the harshest conditions without rusting. Aluminium frames do not rust and we also use stainless steel fasteners, hinges and latches that will not rust. However, if the coating of the panels get scratched and the underlying metal is exposed, there is a chance of rusting if exposed for extended durations – this will take years. We recommend painting over the affected area to extend product life.

Do the sheds come with flooring?

Custom sheds do not come with tiles and are sold separately. We offer WPC tiles that are extremely durable and do not rot when exposed to water. They are 30*30cm and 2cm high to enable water to flow underneath the tiles keeping your belongings dry.

MARRON and STAAL comes with plastic and metal flooring respectively.

Does the ground need to be even/can it be on grass?

The shed can be on either concrete or grass. For best results, the ground should be flat, and if on grass, not prone to waterlogging. Moderate uneven ground should not be a problem. If you’re unsure just Whatsapp us a photo!

Do you charge for delivery or installation?

Tailored Sheds
No; if the site is a landed property and not far off from the loading area. Yes – if the site is far off or a high-rise property (+$200).

Prefab Sheds
Yes. $50 for delivery only, and $250 delivery + installation.

Why do you charge a high-rise fee?

For landed properties the walls and roof are pre-assembled and simply joined together onsite. For high-rise units, the individual panels need to fit into the lift so it can only be built onsite. Moreover, the materials itself weighs anywhere from 100-250kg which is be very difficult to move without machinery, hence the fee.

How long does delivery take?

Tailored Sheds
5-7 working days.

Prefab Sheds
2-3 weeks.

Do I have to pay in full?

Tailored Sheds

Nope. 50% deposit is required to confirm your order and we’ll get right to it. When your shed is ready, we’ll arrange a date with you at your convenience for delivery and assemble it for you.

Pre-Fab Sheds

Full payment is required to confirm your order. We will be in touch to arrange an installation date when it's ready.

How long does installation take?

This depends on the shed. Small sheds typically take up to 1 hours, medium sheds up to 1.5 hours, and large sheds up to 3 hours.

Do you provide warranty?

Tailored Sheds
Yes! It's covered with 2 years warranty covering rusts to any part of the shed. Warranty will not apply if rust appears to have occurred from damage to the panel where the paint coating has come off.

Prefab Sheds
No warranty unfortunately as we have no control over the manufacturing quality although we have selected only what we believe are the best.

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