Your Choice Of Furniture May Spill Your Secrets.

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I recently stumbled across one of those on-line tests that produces a summery revealing details about your character and way of living based on responses from a collection of inquisitions. And despite the fact that I'm well aware that internet quizzes aren't the most insightful or accurate means of gathering information about yourself, I did find the summary to be really interesting and informative.

The generated response told me that my bedroom was nothing more than a simple location to rest my weary head at the end of a long day. This info was an outcome of responses from 10 questions, with 4 options in each, reflecting on the color, organization, design, use of space, and colors associated with my bedroom. The quiz results informed me that I had a busy lifestyle (which is true) and that, if I had the time to invest in it, I would find joy out of decorating and organizing the space (which is also true). 

The wise Internet gods (or, rather, the creators of the online test I took) helped me to realize that my bedroom reflects the busy lifestyle we lead, not my personality (and here I thought the two went hand-in-hand). They also told me that I would likely feel better rested in the mornings if I invested some time into organizing the space (this is probably true). And even though I don't typically take the things I read online too seriously, especially when it comes to the results of online tests, the response did spark my interest... what does your bedroom say about you?

Since, clearly I'm not the biggest advocate for home decorating when it comes to my own bedroom (which is fairly simple, with neutral colors), I've always wondered why people take such fascination with interior design, specifically when it comes to the "look and feel" of their bedrooms. What I learned what that there is an absurd amount of information and resources available to consumers who are interested in redesigning their space. It has been said that the design and decorations within your bedroom are an extension of who you are (it makes me wonder what those with multiple personalities or who live with other people whose personalities differ from theirs survive).

There are entire sections dedicated to this very topic at just about any bookstore imaginable and all of these things seem to point you in the same direction: express yourself (I'm channelling my inner Charles Wright & The Watts as I write this). No matter the method you use to revamp your space, you should do it in such a way that allows you to be... well, you.

A person who is meticulous, organized, and generally reserved would not be comfortable in an environment that boasted bold colors, unique patterns, and mismatched decorations. Conversely, someone with a more eclectic, creative personality would feel less inspired in a space that was conscientiously designed, well organized and more subdued.

The atmosphere of a room is greatly impacted by several factors, furniture placement being at the core of these. The information I came across indicated a difference in furniture placement between those who are introverted as opposed to people who are extroverted. It may seem like a no brainer, but extroverted people tend to enjoy space that is open, warm, and inviting while introverted personalities prefer more tranquil, quiet environments that foster solitude. When it comes to the bedroom, for example, the bed being positioned in the center of a wall with a couch, chair, or bench available for seating would be a sign that an extroverted personality resides there while a bed in the corner of the room, with no space for guests, would be indicative of an introvert. Furniture placement isn't the only indicator of personality, though.

The decor in a room is also demonstrative of personality. Photography placement and style provides a lot of insight to personality as well. Reserved people tend to have photographs of objects or scenery, placed in an area where they can easily see them to keep the momentous alive. More outgoing personalities tend to have photos of people (friends and family) to remind them of their social events and loved ones. These frames tend to face out, for the world to see, almost as if the person is saying, "Look at these wonderful people in my life".

I was never aware of how informative one's space was, with regard to their personality and life. The information I learned has inspired me to pay closer attention, be more cognizant of my surroundings, and to create a space within my own home that better reflects who I am. That said... who are YOU?

An Extension Of... YOU

Your home space should be part of you. Invest the time to properly organise your home.

  • If you're a meticulous person, bold colors, unique patterns and mismatched decorations might not fit
  • Eclectic, creative personalities don't jive with well organised and conscientiously designed spaces
  • Outgoing personalities tend to have photos of people (friends and family) to remind them of their social events and loved ones.

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