A Reputable Designer Will Have Good References

The Customer Should Be Treated Right.

We've heard of the alternative saying ; "The Customer Is Always Right".

Let's tweak that a lil bit shall we? That the customer should always be treated right. Don't you agree? Do leave your comments below!

As businesses involves in interaction with customers, be it on a large scale or on a personal basis, the basics of morality should and always be to earn the customers trust.

How Do I Find the Perfect Interior Designer For My New Home?

First Impressions.

How does the prospective designer(or sales person) makes his impression unto you? Does he strike to you to be hard-selling? 


Is he speaking from facts or from a rather creative point of view? Do you diligence in checking whether what he mentioned was true, or not.


In matters that involve a home makeover, experience really does come in as a really important point to cross it out the list. You wouldn't want an inexperience designer and potentially ending up creating a total mess would you? If the designer is a newbie to the industry, ensure that he has a mentor shadowing him.


This speaks volume, and quality of the designer's work. Bear in mind that testimonials can be faked, so go the extra step to seek the contact details of their past customers to ask further. You would want to provide good information to another if you receive a call asking you questions on a particular transaction right? 

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  • 6 years experience in interior design/construction sector.
  • Driven, creative and easy going chap to talk with.
  • Runs a 20-year old construction company with his uncle.

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