Choosing The Right Theme For Your Home.

You're unique. So is the theme of your home.

We've put together a total of nine different themed-inspired interior designs, themes that would shape up being uniquely Singapore. Being in a multi-racial society, we have evolved from just being the five main races to welcoming more people from diverse backgrounds. We hope that this article might spur you to design the home of your dreams!


If you're thinking about building a castle-like structure here in Singapore. That's not going to happen! Its down to arches, chunky furnitures and lots of wrought iron. This link below explains in detail about a medievalish type of home decor. 


Ahh.. kampong vibes. In this generation living in Singapore, that nostalgic feeling is almost... gone. Filled mostly with handmade carpentry, rugs made out of sheep skin, and airy spaces. Can we revive the trend? 


Not to be confused with the traditional theme.. oldies themed houses features antique tv sets, radio, an old recorder... an evolving tech area. You get the picture aye?


Rustic spaces are houses that have elements of wooden beams, a more detailed archictural touch to more intimate items like your furnitures. It also represents a airy space as well.


Loneliness. Workers lined up in a factory, their rest areas, 12-hour cold shifts. It's just the industrial feeling.


Want color in your life? Going bohemian style suits those that certainly do not want a dull moment in their lives.


A hobbit home is almost certainly not viable here in Singapore. But on the note of creativity, you can create a marvel themed house, or you can transform your kids room to receive their fairy godmother every night. 


Think smart home. Gadgets galore, an automated bath being prepared for you when you reach home from a day's work. High tech stuff.


It's hard to pin point what makes up a contemporary home deco look or feel like because its always evolving to fit a modern context. We can be living in a third world country and our home would still look like the kampong-styled home. The linked articles explains it all.

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