You’re Considered Rude If You Neglect This.

A Disgruntled Neighbor Means..

You'll be having a hell of a time trying to:-

  • Fit in the estate if you're just moving in
  • You're marked for life.
  • You've embarked on a wrong footing.

Humans can be super self-centred most of the times. We're living in an age that people are so self-centric, narcists, and we just do not care about others. There isn't the kampong spirit anymore.

But when we do show that we care for others, that's where they're also more likely to return the favor.

Value your neighbors during a home renovation


-Neighbor Next Door

So What Do I Do?

Easy. Just be nice! Even if you're an introvert, we can promise you this. Turn up with a box of cakes from a nearby confectionary or cafe. Knock on their doors, and let them know that your home will/is undergoing a makeover, apologize that the noise will be slightly disturbing, unless you soundproof your whole premise.

The Results?

Your neighbors will appreciate the gesture for sure. Just imagine if it was them having works done on their home, and you've already been informed prior to the start of the renovation, you'll feel a little better, would you rather not?

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