Renovating Your Landed Home? Here are 10 Things To Avoid.

If you think you're ready to have your home a major makeover, think again. 

This is one of the major milestones in everyone's life similarly to getting married, getting your first child, just that this one would possibly cost so much more than the above mentioned put together!

We've put together 10 things you should watch out for before you renovate your home. Leave your comments below on what you think, and do share this with any of those who might find this content useful!

10 Things To Know When Renovating Your Home

Know The Soul Of Your Home

Thinking 5 to 10 years ahead

Does your future plans includes having more kids? Will your parents be living with you? Do you hold gatherings for friends? Knowing the flow when you reach home from work and finally getting into bed will certainly play a huge part in this prep work. 

Setting Up A Timeline Of Events

Get a skeletal outline of progressions.

Keeping organised is the best forward in everything that we do in life. Knowing what you set your targets to be in order they are met would avoid unnecessary frustrations and squabbles between household members and your interior designer, or contractor. Keep everything transparent, preferably via emails to prevent any miscommunication from arising. 

Don't Neglect The Stairs

It'll take you to heaven. To errr.. hell, if you disregard this.

If they say home is where the heart then the stairs is the heart-within-the-heart. The stairs is oftenly overlooked until..... you actually move in and go about your daily lives. Try to prevent yourself feeling regretful that you did not pay more attention to the location of the stairs where it should be installed.

Singapore Is a Fine City. Literally. 

There's a composition amount of everything. Get to know the laws

If you're a Singaporean, you'll know what I mean by this sub-header, haha. 

On a more serious note, I'd reckon that similarly in most countries, there are laws and regulations that we'll have to abide with -- especially when it involves minor construction work. Rules are here for a two reasons: to ensure that quality and safe work is carried out. Ensure that you have it all covered, prevent unwanted fines or summons during or after your home renovation is completered.

We Grow. Our Kids Grow. So Does Our Home.

So Does Our Home.

Quick question:- Is your taste of say... hobbies the same today as it was 10 years ago? I'd assume no... aye? When imaginatively trying to construct your potential new home, think forward please! Questions you'd ask yourself further:

  • Would the theme of my house today fit well with my kids 3-5 years down the road?
  • Will my parents be living in with me? His/her parents living with us? 

Factor in all these during your early planning stages! You'll save lots of moolah along the way!

Not All Will Go Fruitfully As Planned

There's bound to be obstacles along the way.

If you're the type that's OCD, sorry,can't help you much here. BUT, you've to admit that no matter how much of OCD you may have in you, not many people are plug-and-play type. The horrid truth: be prepared to face setbacks, unsatisfactory work. 

Set yourself and your contractors a set of targets that are achievable. Request for drawings, pictures that are similar to what you'd like. If the people you hired are doing a terrible job, then most probably you didn't read this guide fully - more on choosing the right designer further in this blog post.

Be A Courteous Neighbour!

They'll repay in kind.

Quite straightforward for this one. No one likes noises in their neighborhood. Be a nice neighbour! Meet up with them, or if your area of residence has a facebook page, just drop a nice message to inform them on how long will the work on your home take! Your nice gestures will go a long way.

Dress Your Home For Almost Any Occasion

Traditional festivities, baby shower? Birthday events? Versatality!

This works closely with our previous point. The gist of it is to make your home flexible enough to fit any occasion and to adapt well enough for your kids as they grow up. The article we wrote explains more about the most of the themes that you can find in Singapore, go ahead, take a peek and take your pick!


Represents The Soul Within A Home.

You have two options for this category. Stick to basics of a home or choose furnitures that syncs well with your character/personality. Be mindful that choice of furniture should also go hand in hand with the theme of your home.

Choosing the Right Interior Designer

It's a whole new relationship.

Now, considering all of the points above, it's quite a handful on your plate don't you think so? Thankfully, we have interior designers for that specific job. Which leads us to the question;

"How to select the perfect interior designer for my home renovation". 

Fret not, the article below explains more in detail.

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