Not All Will Go As Planned For Your Home Renovation.

Expect the Unexpected.

Not all will go as accurately as you hoped for.

You can be the most OCD person on earth, but you will never ever be perfect. Be it preparing for an examination, preparing for a wedding, you're bounded my your own set of limitations for sure.

You can only be near perfect for whatever you wish to set out to accomplish.

We understand the feeling to get the home of your dreams, hey we're humans and have family of our own too, so we collated all the problems that homeowners faced when they're in the midst of that experience. We compiled it all in our super guide; "Renovating Your Landed Home? Here are 10 Things To Avoid."  If you find that our posts are informational, do drop a comment at the end of the blog post, or contact us via email at the footer section below!

Four Main Issues To Watch Out For


You think you might have gotten most of the expense down to the last cent. You might be wrong. Always have a buffer for more expenses ahead.


You'd expect to move into your new home in "x" days or months. Ensure to give more than ample time for each particular area of work that will be carried on on your home. 1-2 weeks would be good enough for each crietria.

Bad Weather

Without saying much about this, it could cause outdoor projects like the garden or pool area to be lengthened due to bad weather.

Other Factors

Workers getting sick. Even yourself getting sick if you prefer to supervise the ongoing projects that's being done on your home. 

As you can see from the short list above, it may just be a small number of points, however it could prove to be quite a menace if it comes your way. Just pay a little bit more attention to the more minute details, and you can be saving lots of time and money for your home renovation!

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