Don’t Forget Your Home When Planning For A Family.

Home is where the heart is

"My home is not a place, it is people."

Sometimes in life, it really pays to be prudent. Especially in the circumstances of family planning and being ready for the unforseen future.

In this article, we'll be sharing with you pitfalls that may be possible avoided when you are about to rebuild your new home surrounding the topic of an ever-expanding and ever-changing situation of your family.

The Tight Space Singapore Faces:

As we all know, Singapore is a small country. At only 687 sq. km and a with a population of around 5,9 million, there are 7,948 people every square kilometre! 

This can only means that as Singapore becomes more and more dense with people living, demand will definitely surge. 

Build Space Comment:

The only way is up ; via apartment blocks. Or, insanely land prices that only the rich can only afford. Either way, we'll be cramped out.

As prices goes up, it takes careful thought during your home planning. You might be stuck with the floorplans of your home if you do not invest early for a possibly bigger space.


All of us grow, biologically, and economically as well. There is no home that is a one-size-fits-all kind. Invest time into looking what your future family might look like.

Build Space Comment:

Will you stop at two? Will your parents, or your spouse's parents, be living with you in the future when they grow old? Do you have any other responsibilities that might stick with you in the next 10-15 years? Note them down. 

Unforeseen Circumstances:

Prepare for your own demise. You or your spouse may be gone, and who's going to foot the maintenance of the house?

Build Space Comment:

Most would agree that our house is an asset. Is it?

Be wary of Singapore's 99-year ruling on HDB flat, and 999-year house rulings. 

Read more about what it means here.

Additionally, equip yourself with a home insurance.

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