Clueless What Regulations Are Needed For A Home Renovation?

One of the constant things as new homeowners in Singapore would be; "what are the rules and regulations that I have to take note of before I proceed? "

Can I install something that is bigger than 10m2? What is considered a fixed structure and what is not? Can my contractors work overtime after 10.30pm

We compiled six of the most important ones into simple chunks!

Major Works
Major Renovation

Renovation Work

If your home is one of these types:-

  • Landed Houses
  • Apartment Buildings & Condominiums
  • Cluster Housing
  • Residential units in a mixed development

You'll have to seek approval from here first. It's best to drop them an e-mail or call them before proceeding with any works - just to be on the safe side.

sanitary contruction in singapore

Sanitary Work

In Singapore, there is a list of licensed plumbers that are allowed to carry out sanitary work. 

Where does all the human waste go you think?  (We're planning a visit to the waste plant in Singapore, drop your e-mail, get informed!

electical work in singapore

Electrical Work

This is essential! Getting your home adequately equipped will save mishaps like fire accidents from happening, even if you're not looking to renovate your home, change your electricals once every 10 years is a good rule of thumb. 

air conditioning work

Air-Conditioning Work

Amogst all the useful links in here, we'll bet that this would be the most useful of all, especially in hot Sunny Singapore. Everyone needs a reliable air-con technician. View the regulations that a trained technician must possess, here.

Ensuring your house is fire safe

Fire & Gas Safety

What good is a home if it does not comply with fire safety rules? Ensure that your architect has covered the regulations before submitting the proposed building plans for approval to SCDF.

Windows Safety_regulations_Singapore

Window Safety & Maintenance

You guessed it right. Don't allow your windows to be a potential hazard, or worse,  loss of a life.

Check with the professionals here.

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