Renovating Your Home? Don’t Neglect The Stairs.

The Staircase

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#1 - Strategic

Ever heard of the saying, "So near, yet so far?"

This could possibly happen if you did not vividly partake in the planning of the stairs of your house. Keep in mind especially for the elderly, kids, disabled that might be living in the household. Don't forget as well that when having the stairs built, although it should be easily accessible, it should also try to preserve the privacy of the residents. You'll just have to weigh which would you prefer over the other more. Make it strategic.

#2 - Wood, Metal?

Can't choose between wood or metal for the staircase of your home? Or both? Think around these aspects:-

  • Durability
  • Maintenance
  • Safety

Check this blog post out to the different types of stairs architecture using different materials!

#3 - Theme Friendly

Similar to the wallpapers or color of the paint of your home, the stairs too have to be able to be quite versatile in being able to adapt to different themes all year round, or worse, having to change the entire staircase when you are going through another major renovation.

Birthday parties, festive seasons and gatherings of a kind should be thought of intricately. Don't be stuck with a queer looking stairs that you might regret later on!

#4 - Size Matters

Hmm...size does matter in this case. 

We suggest keeping the stairs at a comfortable size, neither too narrow or too wide. Bear in mind to include anti-slip material on each step, and the spindle or the baluster of the stairs cannot be too wide apart. You can refer to the image below for further info on parts of a staircase in a home.

#5 - Maximizing Your Space

Here at Build Space, we're also fond of maximising spaces that are not usually thought of.

The spaces beneath the stairs, or beneath the risers(again refer to the picture above) can also be used for the purpose of storage. Don't leave the usable areas in your house alone, make well out of it!

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