Your Home Renovation Is Doomed To Fail Without This.

Setting Up A Timeline

In this blog post, a part of our -- "Renovating Your Landed Home? Here are 10 Things To Avoid." -- we'll be sharing with you ways on how to circumvent ways on dealing with the stress involved with your home make-over. 

No Deadlines = Stress(Alot of it)

 Not setting up a deadline on your projects involved in your home renovation can ultimately lead to stress.

It can be profoundly a good thing if we know how to harness it and bend it at our sheer will. Alas, more often that not, it is not us in control of it, but in fact the other way around.

Planning & Drafting

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail" - Benjamin Franklin

It all has to start with you - the home owner - in the very first beginning.

  • Know what you want at the end of the project.
  • Educate your self to supplement what you need to know.
  • Set up deadlines for each category of work being carried out for the project.
  • This would save lots of unexpected events from taking place.

Getting References

Know your contractors & vendors before contracting them for work.

Take Build Space Storage Solutions for example. They believe that every happy customer is a returning customer. Look out for reviews on their work done. It'll give a good idea on the quality of work being done on your home project.

Minor Vs Major Works

Don't leave out lodging(place of stay) planning during renovations are taking place.

It may be alright if it's just going to be minor works. The annoying bit if it's going to be a major project. Factor in the costs involved during this stage.

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