Understanding The Soul of Your Home Before You Break Its Heart.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” - Aristotle

The words from a famous Greek philosopher cannot be more true - especially in this context if you're looking to redecorate your home. Home is where you'll relax after up and about during the day. Home is where the heart is. It's not too much to ask to pay more attention to this little detail. You'll have to take a closer peek at yourself, go grab a mirror if you may, and ask yourself these questions:-

  1. What's my personality? 
  2. Do I love bright colours?
  3. Do I prefer a modernistic touch?
  4. Will I be living alone? Do I have family(or friends) co-living together?

Before even diving deeper into detail whether your new home deco will match your taste, let's explore the basics of a home and what we at Build Space feel should truly entail. Before that, visualize yourself standing in front of your home, arms folded, and imagine an empty space of land - your blank canvas. 

Learn the flow of your home before renovation

Learn The Flow Of How Things Move In A House

Laundry Area

Drop em those clothes as soon as you reach the kitchen area, grab a cold drink, and think of an access space to place your washer and dryer in the same area, and also think of an easy passageway when you're hanging your clothes out to dry!

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Be Aware of Choke Points

Seamless and effective check-in. This is a rather small detail, but it's something that most interior designers consider in great detail. Think forward of where you're going to place your furnitures, and try to factor in the space that it will take up. You'll save alot of frustration if you have a path planned out from one major area of the house to another.

The Sun Can Be Your Friend & Enemy

Ever felt that a room was hotter than the rest of the rooms in the house? That's probably because it's placed in a location where it receives the heat rays of the sun the most throughout the day. Other factors includes your room located nearest to another location which emits alot of heat due to electronics and other conductors of heat. Bear in mind that long after the sun has set, structures release heat at a much slower pace. 

Plan where you kitchen will be before renovating

Plan for groceries, kitchen and laundry

Learn The Flow of How Things Move In a House

Imagine coming back home from work, think of where the parking garage will be. Think of how the flow will be from exiting the vehicle until you're ready for bedtime. Are you the type to laze around first in the living room, having a drink in the garden first before dressing down? 

Groceries, The Kitchen & Keyboxes

Okay guys, don't pass this as the job for the woman. Its our job as much as hers to think about this part when we're planning the layout of our house. You'll want to drop the groceries shopping somewhere convenient and accessible (more on choke points below), so that you'll don't have to bump into things from the parking garage until you reach the landing area of the kitchen to set your shopping bags. You'll probably have to think about placing items into the freezer before you take off your dirty outer clothes and socks into the laundry bag. And don't forget, this is where you'll want to place a keybox holder here because the next morning, you'll want to grab the house keys after having breakfast! 

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Beware of choke points when renovating your home

Beware of choke points

Add In A Little of Nature In Your  Home Renovation

In this fast changing climate due to global warming, temperatures in Singapore can usually go as high as 33 degrees celcius, so it's quite a good idea to pay attention to include a little bit of flowers! This article gives interesting ideas on how you can decorate with plants

Get your garden organised with a garden shed from Build Space, or convert it into a area for hydroponics! We specialize in building tailored sheds, and a portfolio to back up our expertise. 

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