Project with Singapore Khalsa Association

We're ecstatic to deliver a brand new project to Singapore Khalsa Association! Over the past month or so, we're happy to be in contact with Mr Gurbachan Singh - or Guch as he prefers to be fondly called by. We personally call him Uncle Guch. 

Guchbahan Singh Singapore Khalsa Association

Mr Guch inspecting Build Space Storage Sheds

When Nick and I set foot on the grounds of Singapore Khalsa Association grounds, we were impressed by how big their compounds were, the building boasted 5 stories, full with function rooms where people can book events such as weddings, corporate meeting, a restaurant that served exquisite North Indian cuisines(this proved to be a challenge for us as we were building their storage shed-- the smell of curry was constantly creeping in our noses!)

The Circuit Breaker - An Opportunity to Spruce Up For Khalsa Association

Sometime during the Covid-19 circuit breaker, Mr Guch contacted Build Space Storage Solutions for a fix to utilize their existing spaces, along with their other plans to beautify their place for their members. Mr Guch invited us for a meetup along with the President of Singapore Khalsa Association, and they shared that they needed sepcifically customized sheds for the following reasons:-

  • A place for their cleaners to store their personal belongings.
  • Storage of rarely used items.
  • A storage shed at the rooftop of their building to store disused tables and chairs.

Their one bugging concern; the awkward dimensions of their desired locations. This is where Build Space expertise comes in. Backed up with almost 30+ over projects in the past 8 months, we understand the fact that no one else in the market is doing what we do. We got down to work immediately, by measuring the exact dimensions of the space that Mr Guch stated, we took photos of the areas, and had our technical team on it right away. 

The Issue With Tricky Spaces.

Some spaces can be angled. Some can be too tight. And some can be too narrow but long. We look at it from a different perspective - just like a relationship. Court her well enough, and you'll make her fall in love with you 😋 And that's exactly what we did.

Build Space Storage Sheds - with a view.

Another view of the rooftop shed

Another Satisfied Client

We're more than ready to deliver the best to our clients. To know more about what we do, check out this article that we have created just for special projects. We understand that not every shed is the same, and neither are you.

What you'll get from us:-

  1. Best quality storage sheds - not because we're bragging about it, it's the truth(we may one day put our sheds to a stress test in future!)
  2. You won't pay peanuts for monkey. You'll get value for every penny's worth invested in Build Space Storage Sheds.
  3. We deliver kick-ass customer service 😝

Don't hesitate to drop us a WhatsApp text, or email us, whichever suits you best!

Before we sign off this article, we added a video below(and of course to make Uncle Guch look good lahh) on the rooftop storage shed that was installed there.

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