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Storage solutions that purposefully balance design, form and function.

What we do

Creating Functional Spaces

Our Mission : "Building Storage Solutions that Last a Lifetime". 

We're committed to expanding and improving your living spaces, be it in your home or garden, or at work for maximum utility, comfort, and design.


Tastefully Selected Products


MSR 001 Marron Single Room Garden Shed

A sturdy and spacious shed boasting a simple cottage house design with subtle colors. Your home garden will love this one. Made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), this shed comes in sizes large enough to accommodate a bed.

VIKA Series

Where simplicity meets functionality. Space constrains in Singapore is a problem and a swing or sliding door may not be an option. Which is why we have VIKA - the only shed with folding doors available locally. Made of PVC.

STAAL Series

The regular metal shed for everyday use for any space. Balancing aesthetics and functionality, STAAL offers perfect utility with a simplistic design if you're on a budget.

KAIZO Series

Simple blue plastic shed. Perfect if you just need a place to store your stuff.


Tailor Made Sheds

Fabricating and installing custom made shed solutions is the heart and core of our business since day one and continues to be. We listen to you, understand the situation, and offer solutions to maximize your space all while staying compliant to BCA regulations and do not count towards GFA. View BCA regulations here.

Every part is locally sourced and we also employ local workers!

Color Me Happy!

With 14 stunning colors to choose from, there's something for every space!

View color palette here.


Superman grade panels. Hot on the outside, cooler on the inside. Clark Kent not included.

Anti-Rust Parts Only

With our tailored sheds, you get only the best materials. Anodized aluminium frames, stainless steel screws, and accessories. Nothing rusts.

why we do it

A Personal Experience

Build Space was born out of a personal experience when its founders were looking for a suitable shed for their garden to increase storage space at home only to find so little options of poor quality.

They decided to stop the madness and stepped in to fill this gap. With design and technical experience they sourced every part locally and put together their first shed some six years ago and continue to do so today.

With absolute quality at the core of their mission, all tailored sheds uses anti-rust materials like aluminium, stainless steel, and time tested COLORBOND® with Thermatech® steel panels.


What they say

Buildspace testimonials married couple

Thomas & angela

New Home Owners

"Go for them! They really customise to the details!"

Buildspace testimonials Rachel

Clara Johannsen

Cat Lover

"Owner of 9 cats at home, and now they have a space to laze and play in the living room!"

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